Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: Best Deals In The USA Today

This is the best time for anyone interested in a Samsung Galaxy S10 to get the best deals through major retailers, as Samsung have just released the newer Samsung Galaxy S20.

Features of the Samsung Galaxy S10 plus include;

  • Two front cameras
  • Three cameras at the rear (telephoto, wide and ultra-wide)
  • It has an infinity O form of a display which has over 90% screen to body ratio
  • Snapdragon 855

As is custom to most new Samsung products, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is pricey, but the good thing is that there are deals available that spread the cost over some time while managing to offer you a discount. The latest deals can be found at the top of the page. Below are some examples of the top contract deals in the United States.


Verizon is a trusted retailer that sells Samsung products and they always have sales for their customers. Verizon promises its prospective buyers of the phone savings up to $750. In the contract deals, there are two ways you can opt to pay for this product. These two ways are either through a monthly installment of $35.41, which will take you up to two years to settle the debt or through paying all of the retail prices at once. They also deliver to you for free, and the maximum days they take are two days. You receive $600 credited to your account over the two year contract period. Another advantage of using Verizon as your go-to place is that you have a chance of winning a $150 Verizon gift card once you have subscribed to the unlimited plan.


The contract deal offered by Sprint is quite different. Their sale has two options; its either you pay the full retail price in one go, which would be $899.99, or you choose to pay in monthly installments of $31.25 for 18 months. The difference is that during the 18 months if you found out you don’t like the phone you purchased, you are at liberty to return the phone to them and upgrade to another phone, which might be a new model. The new model will be paid within another six months if it is a bit cheaper.


AT&T also offers two deals, which is either you pay the whole amount of $899.99 all at once, or you pay $10 per month, which will stretch for 30 months. To receive the monthly installment deal, you have to add a new line so that a $450 bill is credited in their account. This is because the said bill stretches over the 30 months that you would be paying the installments. The good thing about buying this smartphone online is that you might stand a chance to receive a $150 visa card, which is a reward for purchasing online.

T Mobile

This company offers a different deal from the rest as you can only choose the monthly installment plan. This is where you get some benefits. The Galaxy S10 Plus is offered for free provided you switch and purchase another phone from them. The phone you will buy will be on a two-year installment plan per month. The customer will get bill credits, which will accumulate to $1000. However, you can also decide to buy the Galaxy S10 plus all at once for $899.99.

US Mobile

The deal offered by US Mobile will help you in saving 200 dollars in total besides just paying for the Galaxy S10 Plus at once. For this deal to work, you have to purchase their SIM card. After purchasing it, you can opt to sign up for the payment plan that works for you. Every single month you stay loyal to that US mobile SIM card, they offer you a discount of $16.67 on the payment plan you signed up to. This means that the discount will total up to $200 in one year. They have different deals that ensure that all their customers get their preferred choice.

You can find the very latest deals at the top of this page. Happy shopping!